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Our Awards

A little bit about awards

Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare - Mediterraneo has received the prestigious "WILD BEAUTY AWARD" for the best small hotel on the coast of Montenegro in 2010. This award was created in order to raise the quality and competition in tourism and to increase awareness of Montenegro as a tourist destination.

The hotel has also received an award from TRIPADVISOR - TRAVELERS CHOICE AWARD for 2014 and 2015, TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE -2015 and VENUS AWARD - TOP OVERALL RATINGS for 2013.

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Casa del Mare
We are proud for each and every award we got.
Thank you for voting for us.

The famous London magazine "THE TIMES" made a list of "TOP 10 BALKAN BREAKS" and granted a flattering first place to Boutique Hotel "Casa del Mare - Mediterraneo".

Each of our hotels is highly rated in all online channels, which is certainly the most relevant factor of the high quality and keeping track of international trends when it comes to tourism and hospitality.

-Tripadvisor - Travelers Choice Award for 2014 and 2015

-Tripadvisor - Certificate of excellence for 2015

-Venere Award- Top Overall Ratings 2013

-Wild Beauty Award - Best Small Hotel in Coastal Part of Montenegro for 2010

-Wild Beauty Award – Best Hotels Management Brand of Montenegro for 2018

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