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Kotor Bay - the best kept secret of the world

"They call Kotor bay that magical bay into which the rocky and almost inaccessible hills of southern Herzegovina and Montenegro descend and sink. People who travel the world say this is one of the most beautiful positions in the country. And we would  say that nature played here when at intervals created its own impressive art”- Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša

In-country where less is more we represent you adorable Boka Bay, the place where the clear, blue water meets mountains. 

Boka is one love you can hardly avoid. It is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, a Montenegrin pearl that will take your breath away. Stay here, where the mountains plunged into the sea and made the most beautiful landscapes. Stay here, where the collision of two infinities gives birth to the remarkable deep of the Adriatic and the pride of mountain Lovćen.

If you indulge in cypresses, pines, old olive groves, and fjords where Venetian galleys and sailing ships, as well as ships of world travelers and passengers, sailed in, you will understand why Kotor bay has always been in the eye of the conquerors. The clash of two civilizations still lives here. On the place where the meditative spirit of the East intertwined with the charm of the Western world. The Gothic, the Renaissance, and the Baroque shaped the cultural and historical life of Kotor Bay merging later into everything that the modern age brought. That authenticity and value last forever. From the southeast, the bay is watched by the massive Lovćen, while from the northwest, stretch the branches of Orjen, Radoštak, and Dobroštica as tireless guardians of beauty.

On one side Vitaljinsko peninsula, on the other Lustica. Inside of the bay are Vrmačko and Devesinjsko peninsula and they are separated by the Straight of Verige. Verige divided the bay into 4 parts and thus shaped its essence. On two external, Bay of Herceg Novi and bay of Tivat and two internal, Bay of Risan and Bay of Kotor.

Therefore, Boka Bay takes place on the list of the Club of the most beautiful bays in the world. Due to its values, both natural and cultural, part of the bay, Kotor and Risan, since 1979 is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

And therefore, whoever saw the Boka Bay once, will never forget it.

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Casa del Mare
When the pearls of nature were sown,
handfuls of them were cast on this soil.

7 islands and 7 priceless stories.

Note: Some of the islands are open to visitors and you can visit them on individual boat trips.
The best way to meet Boka bay full of contrasts is sailing around its most beautiful islands.


Island near Herceg Novi is the first you will see from the sea.
The most famous place on the island is the fortress Mamula, which was built by the Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula in the middle of the 19th century. Today, the island is better known as Mamula. It served as an infamous prison during the 1st and 2nd World War, but today it is a real tourist attraction and a must-see destination. Mamula is located on the stone island surrounded by the turquoise sea and it has preserved centuries-old history.


Small stone island located in the Mirište Cove near Cape Azra provides one of the most beautiful views of the Boka bay. Even today in the six-century-old monastery complex Vavedenje lives monk and preserves reach history from the ravages of time.

Island of flowers

The island of flowers is also known as the Holy Archangel Michael (Sveti Arhangel Mihailo) and its old monastery is built in the 6th century. It is connected to the mainland by a small isthmus, so you can reach the island by road as well. So many legends and old stories are connected to this island. Monastery complex once occupied the entire island but today only one building, a small church of the Trinity has been renovated. Still, we have the opportunity to see the remains of the Archangel Michael old church from the VI century. The island of flowers is a real green oasis of peace where the history, wild vegetation, and all-natural beauty has been preserved.

The island of Saint Marco (Stradioti)

According to the legend, the Greek gods gave this island to brave warriors as a reward for victories in great battles. To heal there their wounds and return inner peace. Fascinated by the unusual beauty of the island, soldiers made a vow of peace and planted an olive tree. In the following years, the whole olive garden was growing. However, by breaking their vows they angered the Gods who sent them storms and diseases.  Magnificent olive groves still resist the ravages of time.

Island of Our Lady of Mercy

On the island of Our Lady of Mercy crossed themselves mystery, history, and incredible beauty. There is no corner here without a story, a legend, or anecdote. The island was founded by monks which were attracted by his magic and in that name built a monastery and a large church in honor of Our Lady of Mercy. 6 centuries-old church with a bell tower today represents one of the most beautiful Catholic buildings in Kotor Bay.

St. George's Island

The island of St.George is one of the most mysterious places in Montenegro. It attracts tourists with its rich, but tragic history, as well as a special atmosphere. Old stories say that the island of St. George is located exactly in the geographical middle of the Bay of Kotor. Surrounded by stone walls and hidden from a view by tall cypress canopy, the island hides many secrets and skillfully keeps its age-old peace. Officially, tourists can not visit an island and they are allowed only to view the island in a circle from the sea, not stepping on its territory.

Our Lady of the Rocks Island


Our Lady of the Rocks stands proudly opposite the old town of Perast and this island is one of the most beautiful places in the whole Kotor Bay. As a stingy gift of nature, the island was built with the help of human hands by many sailors in hundreds of years.  

According to the legend, two brothers, both sailors found an icon of the Holy Mother with a child on the sea-cliff in the middle of the sea. They brought it home but the next morning it was gone. It appeared at the same sea-cliff another day and two brothers took it home one more time. The same thing happened again - the icon disappeared and reappeared on the sea-cliff. Two brothers thought that was a Virgin's wish to stay there forever. So they made a promise to build a church dedicated to Holy Mother. From that day, after returning from each voyage, the sailors used to lay stones along the island shore. That is how the island through the years was created. In the depths of the bay, the foundations of the island are strengthened by hundreds of old sailing ships filled with stone and sunk to ensure its eternal existence.

Boka Mountain Adventure

We can hardly imagine the experience of the Bay of Kotor without the beauty and wilderness of the Boka mountain.



This mountain is one of the most impressive and one of the most beautiful. Wild massif, deep pits, and impressive karst landscape. All this wildness and untouched beauty built the true spirit of this region. While it seems invincible, Orjen Nature Park will win your hearts forever. It is a waterless mountain but rich in forests. Nature here took special care that magic does not fail. It is good to know that Orjen Nature Park is a protected area and here you can experience one of the best adrenaline parks in the region - Vrbanj Adventure Park. It is suitable for all ages whether you want to feel the adrenaline in your bones or simply enjoy nature. The park has a network of marked trails, from those for easy walkers to those which used only by experienced hikers. Orjen will not reach out to you, you must win all this nature! Places such as snow pits, caves, Austro-Hungarian military positions, and old monks lodgings preserve the history and authenticity of the whole region. Once you gave Orjen a chance, that love will last forever. And just when you think you have seen a pure perfection of nature, you will realize that the best is yet to come. Together with Lovćen, Orjen builds a mountain ring around one of the most beautiful bays, the Bay of Kotor. The view of the bay is magnificent. Only you will see in front of you is the mysterious Kotor Bay tucked among the cliffs.

Lovcen  - the proud of Montenegro

Our Lovcen is also known as a symbol of freedom, as a "holy altar" where takes place the mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, bishop, poet, and ruler of Montenegro. Lovcen National Park is an inexhaustible inspiration. In a total of 461 steps that lead you to the very top of the mountain, you will find numerous watchtowers and points from which the views of many Montenegrin beauties are fascinating. "Am I in heaven or on the moon," asked himself Irish Nobel laureate Bernard Shaw when the first time met Lovcen. Lovcen is a Montenegrin rocky sea and wherever you look you will hold your breath. Hold your breath on Jezerski vrh and Štirovnik as well as on the old Austrian roads! Hold your breath on the Kotor serpentines also!  Because landscapes like these cannot disappoint you.

Rumia - the mountain that connects

Between two large areas, Skadar Lake and the Adriatic Sea, rises Rumija. When the day is clear, the view over the blue sea reaches as far as Italy. From Rumija you will see Lovćen and Orjen, and the river Bojana that winds into Skadar Lake. The view extends to the lord of the Montenegrin mountains, the grandiose Durmitor. The protectors of the Montenegrin sea, Orjen, Lovćen and Rumija are not only the untouchable beauty of the landscape but also the preserved history and roads that will take you to the crossroads of great empires.


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