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Flavors of the Mediterranean in Boka way

10 years back when we started our Casa del Mare story as well as now, creativity, ambition and striving to be better every day, are high on the list we never gave up.

Behind us are months full of challenges but also a period in which we learned from each other, believed in each other, exchanged ideas and concepts, with only one goal in mind, a stronger and brighter vision that will further enrich Casa del Mare hotels group. Today we can talk about the first result of such a great effort and even greater faith, in days when due to the global pandemic of the Covid19 virus, to believe was harder than usual. The name we are already proud of is Casa Epico - a project that speaks a completely different story about Casa del Mare and Montenegro.

Casa Epico brings to the Montenegrin part of the Adriatic a master of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Michelin star chef Eros Picco, with whom we combine the best of our two brands as well as the Mediterranean Boka-way. For the first time last summer we had the opportunity to present to all our guests a real Michelin-star culinary experience. This year together with Eros we are starting a years-long project of the popup restaurant Casa Epico. As an introduction to everything that awaits us from next summer, we will realize this August several announcement evenings where Eros and Casa del Mare chefs will prepare the best Mediterranean recipes using local ingredients, cooking in special silver dishes known for their antibacterial properties and as guardians of authentic flavors.

Our great desire as a huge lovers of Mediterranean food is a bit of Mediterranean at home  -  in a spirit of our Boka, in a spirit of our tradition when a warm and family welcome for every traveler and passenger was a manner cherished as a family value. We want not only to combine knowledge and skills, preparation techniques and creativity with our Montenegrin, domestic and local food and herbs but these combining elements to impose and produce authenticity and present what is our ultimate goal - a modern Montenegrin gastronomic identity that remains faithful to old, recognizable tastes.

This summer will be just the beginning of a great story about people and heritage, our locals and its tradition, about the Mediterranean that lives in all of us and does not end anywhere. This is a story about us and our gastronomy, about wines and tastes, nature and herbs, about spices and secrets without which Casa del Mare would not be the same. Combining yours with the best that comes from the Mediterranean is a great responsibility and requires to know every stone of the environment in which you create. That is why, together with Eros, we visited numerous rural households, markets and small producers on the Montenegrin coast to taste and choose the best and from the best.

Everything we were looking for was there. Kindness and provenance, diligence and hospitality of our hosts as well as the taste and aromas of their products. Traditional fritters and honey, prosciutto and cheeses, olives and olive oil, homemade brandies and liqueurs, dried figs, homemade almonds and fragrant carob, mountain herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables untreated and organically grown, fresh seafood and the best local wines are just the beginning in the search of our best and fresh local products. Casa del Mare chefs always insist on preparing food with fresh ingredients as a base of exclusivity and good quality. With Eros and the secrets hidden by his Michelin star, Casa Epico masterpieces are guaranteed.

On August 14th, 15th, and 16th, we prepare for you small joys and pure hedonism on the rooftop of our Casa del Mare Mediterraneo hotel.

Let’s peek for the first time into the home of Mediterranean flavors as an introduction to everything that next summer will bring.

Casa Epico is our new tailwind.

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